Since 2007 we've been helping martial artists and training group leaders around the world reach their potential through honest and consistent training.


Our first initiative in 2006 brought about the world’s first fully-interactive online training resource for martial artists called Budohall.com. We were the first martial arts school to regularly stream live classes online and engage with students in real time. Our goal then was to offer the highest level training resource on the web for serious practitioners of our martial art and ultimately help students who lacked leadership in their area. Seven years later, our platform has served hundreds of students from seventeen countries.

Today, we relentlessly scrub the web for the most innovative, user friendly and cost effective technology solutions in order to deliver the most engaging experience possible for students wishing to expand their knowledge in Jissen Kobudō. Obviously, there is nothing that can replace direct contact with an instructor. We know this, but we also don't want to alienate fellow budōka based on where they live. If you would like to study the arts of Jissen Kobudō as taught by Unsui Sensei and don't have immediate leadership in your area, we can help. Please feel free to contact us and let us hear your goals. We'll be happy to speak with you and help you plan a map to training and progress in our art under the guidance of Adam Mitchell.


Literally translated, Jinenkan means "Hall of Nature" and represents Unsui Sensei's feeling of his martial arts being like the natural flow of the elements. Just as the wind can pass around any obstacle and leave no trace, or alternately can destroy anything in its path.


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