At the Jinenkan Kōsei Gōgi Dōjō we’re determined to show each young student the wonderful potential that lies within their self. From day one and into their teens, young people experience so much and are affected by all that goes on around them.


Joining any Dojo is serious commitment and should not be an impulsive decision.

Membership should be thought through completely. We strongly encourage people new to the martial arts to experience different styles and find a training environment that best suits their needs and goals.

At any moment decisions can be made which can mold their character for years to come. It’s critical that young people have a rock solid support network of mentors and peers who consistently highlight positive ethics and values, self-confidence, goal setting and integrity. Quality instruction in the martial arts is just that.

During the early stages of training, young students are taught the foundations which make a quality martial artist. Conflict mediation, anger management, verbal boundary setting and non-violent resolution to all of life’s conflicts are promoted.

We teach young people to identify and avoid problems, rather than face problems head on to knock them down. In today’s world, the most insignificant argument can lead to catastrophe and it’s our responsibility to safe-guard our young ones mentally, emotionally and physically.

At the Jinenkan Kōsei Gōgi Dōjō young people learn the necessities of patience and a calm mind while understanding the means to physically stop or evade trouble before it happens.

As a young person matures in life’s experiences, so to does their exposure to the training of Jissen Kobudō. Our Junior Adult program transitions young people from being active members of our children’s program into our adult program. The requirements and standards of the Junior Adult program meet the same expectations as required of all students in the Jinenkan, while offering lesson plans and fitness training specific to the age group.

Our goal then was to offer the highest level training resource on the web for serious practitioners of our martial art and ultimately help students who lacked leadership in their area. Seven years later, our platform has served hundreds of students from seventeen countries.

Today, we relentlessly scrub the web for the most innovative, user friendly and cost effective technology solutions in order to deliver the most engaging experience possible for students wishing to expand their knowledge in Jissen Kobudō.

Obviously, there is nothing that can replace direct contact with an instructor. We know this, but we also don't want to alienate fellow budōka based on where they live. If you would like to study the arts of Jissen Kobudō as taught by Unsui Sensei and don't have immediate leadership in your area, we can help.

Please feel free to contact us and let us hear your goals. We'll be happy to speak with you and help you plan a map to training and progress in our art under the guidance of Adam Mitchell.

"My son received superior training from Adam Sensei and his devoted staff. From the age of five until a year ago, my son had the great fortune to learn Martial Arts and life lessons… the experience he gained from Adam Sensei has been unmatched.Brian C, Parent of a Junior Black Belt "

Brian C, Parent of a Junior Black Belt
Patterson NY

"For the past year my daughter has learned so much from Adam Sensei. Adam is able to convey very important life lessons in all of his training sessions. I have personally taught adults and children and know that a great amount of effort and dedication is involved to successfully get your points across to your students. Adam is one of the best I have witnessed in these areas of learning and is truly a fantastic martial arts instructor and role model for my daughter."

Eileen C, Parent of three students
Carmel NY

"My son has been a student at the Dojo for almost 4 years and he has learned far more than the martial arts he signed up to study. Adam Sensei teaches leadership, respect (for oneself and others), self-control, honesty, health and fitness. Although these ideals are not unique to the Jinenkan Dojo, they are central to the curriculum there rather than a side note to punches, kicks and broken boards. Although there is a strong focus on correct form and technique, the goal for for the younger students is to build inner strength so they can stay balanced and make good decisions as they grow and the stakes get higher. Getting involved at the Jinenkan Kosei Gogi Dojo was a great decision for our son and I would recommend it to other parents without reservation."

Chris P, Parent of a Junior Black Belt
Mahopac NY

"In my opinion, her dedication to the Dojo is the most important challenge my seven year old daughter has at this time. I can honestly say that her time spent there gives Brittany a better understanding of life and the importance of achievement which will ease the burdens that come along with entering each stage of life, from childhood through adulthood. I truly believe that the Dojo has improved the quality of life for my child and entire family."

Tom C, Parent of Jr Black Belt
Mahopac NY

"My son has been a student at the Dojo since he was 5 years old. I have A him progress from a white belt to his just recently earned black belt. It has been a wonderful experience for him. The students at the Dojo learn the traditional martial arts but also gain valuable lessons that will carry with them into adulthood. Not enough good things can be said about Adam Sensei. He is a great teacher who truly cares about his students as well as the community. I think our son is fortunate to study Jujutsu under Adam Sensei and his dedicated staff. I look forward to my son continuing his martial arts training at the Jinenkan Dojo."

Bill F, Parent of a Junior Black Belt
Mahopac NY

柔術   Jūjutsu

The history and content trained within our Kids program dates back to documents in the Kukishin Ryū. While the patterns of the Kukishin Ryū Jūjutsu are inherently dangerous to train, their characteristics of movement and efficiency can be easily absorbed by young martial artists to create a solid skill set. The dangerous characteristics of the orthodox forms have been removed from our children’s curriculum to suit age and to promote a safe learning experience.

Over the course of roughly 4 years, children study the initial hand techniques and core skills, then progress on to learning the initial 12 movement patterns of the Kukishin Ryū Jūjutsu.

By constant, repetitive drilling of these forms, young students will develop a foundation of muscle memory that will serve to build power and accuracy in their technique as they mature. Within these patterns, young students will also develop the necessary skill set to comfortably transition into the adult program when their age or skill level progresses.


Literally translated, Jinenkan means "Hall of Nature" and represents Unsui Sensei's feeling of his martial arts being like the natural flow of the elements. Just as the wind can pass around any obstacle and leave no trace, or alternately can destroy anything in its path.


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