Tape Whatever Is Broken

culture Jul 06, 2013

The Dōjō is a place you can come to when your life is over crowded. But it's no get away. There is no cold drink cooler, no candy machine, nobody to pat your bottom and tell you how hard you work. It's a Dōjō.

There are no lies here. It's hot as hell in the summer, cold as ice in the winter. You're uncomfortable from the moment you bow in until you get in your car to go home. There's a good chance you don't like the person you're training with and constantly question why you're there... We all do... it's what make us budōka, martial artists.

Keep going. The Dōjō may be the most honest place in your life and the relationships you forge here are truly genuine. So get back up, stop complaining. Wipe the sweat, tape whatever is broken, lift up your arms and just keep going.


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